Inspired by the emerald oceans and sandstone cliffs of one of the worlds most stunning destinations, we bring you our most luxurious collection yet... Mediterranea. Imagine yourself with a wine on the balcony, enjoying a comfy night in, or dressing up for a kid free night out. Match your little ones or be a little bit selfish, you deserve it! Our pieces are so versatile, you won’t have to change outfits all day... and seriously, you won’t want to.
Life’s too short to be uncomfortable, so we created a solution...

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Unparalleled Bamboo Clothing Comfort!

fromZion Bamboo Clothing is a global brand of Baby, Children’s and Adults Bamboo clothing, Bamboo accessories and Bamboo textiles all made from Unparalleled 90% bamboo clothing material.

So why buy our bamboo clothing over any other label? Our bamboo is made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex which creates seriously Unparalleled Comfort, and that’s just one of its incredible qualities not to mention hundreds of stories from our customers as to the health benefits from wearing our bamboo clothing.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our in-house designed prints which have all been designed from our head office in NSW Australia by superstar mum Jasmin Adams and to make your shopping experience a delight we offer after pay, meaning you can buy now and pay later. Our bamboo clothing is so irresistible you’ll be coming back for

Longevity Results of our Bamboo Clothing. fromZion Bamboo clothing fabric consists of incredible resilient and super durable fabric fibres, while still retaining a beautifully soft and nice to touch sensation. 

When we’ve compared other fabrics like polyester and cotton, it’s been found much more durable, containing moisture wicking and absorption than other materials. Our Bamboo fabric comes out on top every time!

So, what are the benefits of bamboo clothing?  • It’s incredible soft and luxurious to touch and feel. • It’s Hypoallergenic. Our eco-friendly bamboo fabric fibres do not irritate the skin, ensuring incredible health benfits for those with sensitive skin. • Our fabric is highly breathable which means you stay comfortable no matter the weather, cold or hot, winter or summer. • Our Bamboo clothing is far more absorbent than any other cottons available. • It’s UV protective! Protect yourself and your loved ones. • And importantly it’s biodegradable! Bamboo is a greener material that will return to the Earth once it’s been worn overtime.

Be part of the fromZion bamboo clothing family today and spoil yourself today.

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