If you are still not convinced about how amazing FZ is, read below, some testimonials from FZ Lovers:


So unbelievably soft, packed in the suitcase easily and a dream to wear (so she tells me!) especially in the hot Byron weather and on a late night flight home to cold Victoria! Thanks for such an amazing, versatile product that actually looks beautiful too!
- Karen


"So some of you might know Dex struggles with a lot of sensory issues. One of these struggles related to his clothes. Tags, stiffness, seams, I could go on and on. Anyway, I've ordered for myself from @fromzion_ before (ages ago) and know how soft and gentle their clothing line is. So I thought let's give this a shot with Dex. I set Dex up on their online store to pick some pants and a top and hoped and wished that he could be comfortable and happy and not stress about the feeling on his skin. The clothes he chose arrived yesterday, and after kindy he unwrapped them. He loved them but was exhausted from a full day so I didn't want to annoy him by asking him to try them on as he is pretty trigger-ish after a full day of kinder. Today we got him to try them on. As he put the shirt on with a look of anticipation on his little face, he took this HUGE sigh of relief and told me how much he LOVED his new clothes! "They're so soft! And warm!" And his expression was that I've seen on his face before. One of the release of anxiety. He even told me he wanted to wear them to bed and never take them off.  This might seem ridiculous to some people, but over the past 12 months, his inability to cope with a lot of clothing has worsened, to the point he flat out refuses to wear most of his clothes and will only wear tracksuit pants and specific long sleeve tees or jumpers. This was a huge stress for me, seeing my gorgeous boy getting so distressed because the feeling of particular fabric or buttons on his skin. Something most kids don't even notice or care about. So this is a huge shoutout to @fromzion_ because I'm almost in tears (yep lame I know) that I know I can grab anything of your website and he will wear it without any struggle or anxiety. As a mum, seeing your kid struggle over something so small completely sucks, and you've helped us as a family immensely." #ASD #autismawareness #fromzion
- Katrina J Mudie


"I wore the harems once, then put jeans on the next day, and had to go home and swap back to my harems - I'm hooked, what have you done to me!? "
- FZ Addict


"Whats FZ like?"
"You know when you hop into a bath filled with smooth custard.... like that but less mess"
-Taryn Elise